Bunny Yoga

Do yoga with adorable, fluffy bunnies!

Yoga with bunnies!

A bunny yoga class is a unique and playful experience that combines the mindful movement of yoga and relaxation with the cuteness and joy of bunnies. In this yoga class, you are encouraged to interact with friendly and cuddly bunnies that roam freely around the yoga space. You get to pet them, feed them while you do yoga!

The bunny yoga class begins with a brief introduction and a short meditation, gentle warm-up exercises and then the yoga mentor will guide participants through a series of basic yoga poses.

Feel free to take breaks during the yoga class to pet, play or feed the bunnies as you move through the yoga poses.

The bunnies add an element of lightheartedness and playfulness to the class, making it a fun and memorable experience. The bunny yoga class ends with cool-down period – relaxation, where you can rest in a comfortable pose while enjoying the presence of the bunnies. Some of the bunnies are really curios, so they might come over to sniff your toes while you are laying on the ground doing your guided relaxation at the end of the yoga class!

Overall, a bunny yoga class offers a unique and enjoyable way to practice yoga while connecting with nature and animals. It is important to note that while the bunnies are usually friendly and well-behaved, it is important to treat them with kindness and respect.

About the Bunny Yoga Class:

  • Around 50 bunnies are free to explore the area and come up to you on your yoga mat for a visit!
  • Beginner yoga class – a yoga class designed for people who are new to yoga and may not be familiar with the poses and general principles of yoga and modifications or variations will be offered for different levels of ability and flexibility.
  • Bring a yoga mat (optional: + an old towel to protect your yoga mat from the sand floor)
  • The rabbits are farm animals and can’t be picked up
  • Visit other animals on the farm before/after the bunny yoga class
  • The bunny yoga class is held in a ‘play barn’ located only 25 minutes east of Saskatoon along Highway 5 on Wander’s Tiny Farm.